What Does the Fox Say?

Oh, My, this is sooooo much fun!  For Preschoolers on up, What Does the Fox Say Games to Play!

This song could be greatly used!

  • What a Fun Party Icebreaker!
  • Speech Therapists, this is a gem for you!
  • Can't Ya Just Hear those Preschoolers being the Fox???!!!

Silly, And Just Plain FUN!

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Single - Ylvis

A Big Round of Applause for the Creators of this Music/Video...What a springboard for fun learning and creativity for kids all over the globe!!

Taking the Risk!  Breakthru with silliness as you use a great song as the backdrop of your fun and games.  Let them express their silly crazy sounds, let em laugh and have a little fun!  

GAME #1  - Warmer Upper

Standing in a Circle . Turn on the Song.  The Game Rules Are This: Starting with one person, they Jump into the Circle and Say the line just as fast as it is sung in the song.  Jump out and immediatly the person to their right jumps into the circle and says the next line… the game continues til' someone messes it up.  And then the songs gets to start over!  Start where you are at in the circle, giving different people a chance to be first, second, etc….

The Dog Says,  "WOOF"

Forum Novelties Deluxe Plush Puppy Dog Animal Half Mask

Dog Nose(One Size-As Shown)

Cat Says,  "MEOW"

Forum Novelties Child Size Animal Costume Black Cat Hood and Nose Mask

Black Cat Nose - Great Cat Costume Accessory

…..Bird Says,  "TWEET" and

SACAS Turquoise Blue Feather Bird Mask with Yellow Beak

FashionWings (TM) Children's Blue Butterfly Style Costume Feather Angel Wings

Mouse Says,  "SQUEAK"

Funsies Kigurumi Mouse Fleece Jumpsuit Costume Child

Disguise Inc - Mouse Nose

Cow Says,  "MOO" &  Frog Says, "CROAK"

Plush Cow Headband Ears and Tail Costume Set

Lil Characters Unisex-baby Newborn Froggy Costume

Elephant Says,  "TOOT"

Infant Lil Elephant Costume

Duck Says,  "QUACK"

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…..Fish Says,  "BLUB"

Seal Says….. "OWWW OWWW  OWWW"

Game #2   -  Have Each Person be a different animal in the song.  Have them suited up with masks as shown.  Encourage them to get into their animal character.  When the song is played and it is their turn.  Have them add their own animal gestures, animal sounds… and drama .

Game # 3   BE A STAR!

Just Have FUN!

Take Pictures, adding the camera always add the element of fun and spice to these special games!  Send your action shots to us here at FunCreativeKidsGames.com  for us to POST on this page! Send them here….

"What Does the FOX Say?'

Fox Costume for Kids 4-6 Yrs

Ring - ding - ding - ding - dingalingalingaling...

Wa pa pa pa pa Pow….Wa pa pa pa pa Pow…...

Hatee - Hatee - Hatee Ho… Hatee Hatee Hatee Hat Ho….

Yep Yep Yep...

Q for You!

What other Sounds Can the Fox Make?  Let's Hear Em!!!

Kigurumi Fox Teenager's Costume

Game #4  Bust a Move!

Let your group watch the entire song.  Tell them that they need to pick out one move that they see in this video, and re-enact it.

Play the song again, and let the group GO FOR IT!

Here is what one fox said…..

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