Preschool Jungle Games

Pretending, Imagination and Preschool Jungle Games go together! We used a green screen here to really set the tone of The Jungle!  And What fun it was!  Enjoy the following Jungle Dance, and join in with us as we boogie through the jungle!

Jungle Hide and Seek

listening / large motor skills


What a fun way to play hide and seek!

You can choose between a Monkey, a Lion, or an Elephant..

One persons hides the little critter, and then with remote control, you try to find him!

Have Fun!

Animal Animal Chase

Thinking Skills / Quick Reflexes

The Prep

  • sitting in a circle, give each child a different animal sticker to wear.
  • One at a time, let the children practice their each animal sound.

The Play

  1. One child walks around the outside of the circle tapping each head & saying "animal" as they tap.
  2. When they tap a head and say that child's sticker animal, "lion". Then lion gets up and chases them around the circle til they get to the lions origional spot and quickly sit down.
  3. If a child gets tapped/ captured, before they sit down, he goes into the center "cage".
  4. All the animals in the cage get to go free when a person runs all the way around without getting tapped, and the game continues.

Creative Cues

  • Play this game with animal sounds...
  • The one who is it, makes their animal's sound each time they tap a head
  • When they pick who is "it", they make that person's animal sound!

A Jungle Gym

Geometric Climbing Dome

What fun to have your very own jungle gym!  Be a climbing monkey for hours of play and large motor developement!

An investment that will get it's monetary return from hours upon hours of play and use!

  • For Climbing Fun
  • Drape fabrics over, and make the coolest forts in the neighborhood!

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