Preschool Christmas Party Games!

What an exciting time of year for preschool christmas party games! 

Everyday is a special party with young ones this time of year!

Let's Celebrate this Season with some Super Fun Preschool Christmas Party Games!

Here are some ideas designed for your energy filled angels to truly enjoy!

Activities & Ideas for your Holiday Party!

Mitten Mime

Following, Leading, Teamwork, Co-operation

Have each preschooler wear a pair of mittens or gloves...

  • Facing each other, one person gets to "lead", while the other person gets to "follow".
  • Try to move slowly, and at the same time, so you are working together, and moving at the same time!

Here are some great musical preschool christmas party games to try...

  • Silent Night - "Move slowly and gracefully together"
  • Joy to the World - "Have fun and move quickly with joy!"
  • The Little Drummer Boy - "Listen and pick up the drumming rhythm as you move"

The Birthday Party!

Story, Drama, Song

This is a delightful story of Stanley Tutter! He get's invited to a "Birthday Party!"

He is soooo excited, he can hardly stand it!

He arrives earlier than anyone else, and notices that there are so many beautiful presents all around him.

His curiosity gets the best of him, and he peeks in the presents... one at a time, each present is a song, with a very cute, meaningful, sweet message...

at the end, he realizes who this party is for...

Creative Drama in Action!

Listen, Watch, Observe, Move

Lots More Preschool Christmas Party Games...

  • Listen to , "The Birthday Party", and then let them, act it out!!!
  • Gather a few props, and let them, go for it!!!

Have one person be, "Stanley Tutter" - They can act out his part... He is soooo excited, and just as the songs describe him....

The other kids can be hiding in the packages that Stanley peeks in to...

They can "pop out", and act out the different charactors that are the presents...

Santa Visits Your Party!

Drama, Acting Fun

The Santa Video

Silly Santa Bag

Silly, Progressive, Listening and Following Directions, Passing

You'll Need :

Velvet Santa Bag with Bells
  • Sit in a circle. There is a Santa-type bag, filled with fun and silly props. things that preschoolers think are a hoot, like plastic sunglasses, with the nose and mustach attached.... a flowy boa scarf.... giant sized glasses... what ever else you can come up with....
  • Turn on the song...pass the bag from person to person.. keep going til' the music stops. Who ever has the bag when the music stops, gets to reach in and grab the first thing their fingers touch!... Pull it out! and put it on, whatever it is!
  • Turn the music back on and do it again and again!

Reindeer Right and Left Game

Learning Directions

  • Have all your preschoolers sit in a circle on the floor.
  • Tie a red ribbon on each person's right wrist... this will help them to know which is their right, and the other it their left....

Download & Print Here:

Right & Left Rudolph Game

(Preschool Christmas Party Games can be a great learning time, that feels like and is a party celebration!)

Creative Play

Create & Dance

Origional, Fine Motor Skills, Creative

Let each child create a unique snowflake. No two snowflakes are ever the same... Amazing!

Give each child a folded piece of paper, and with adult help, a pair of preschool scissors to cut the folded white paper into a beautiful, one of a kind snowflake! Spray this with some glitter spray, and tie a string to hang your snowflake from....

But before you hang this beautiful decoration...

Turn on a Gentle, Soft Song....

Dance with your Snowflake

Let your preschoolers softly and quietly swirl around the room as they dance with their snowflakes....

Let's Play! Christmas Dress Up!

Acting, Role play, Creative Drama

Wrap a box with a removable lid with Christmas wrapping paper...This can be a unique, and re-usable box to store you dress up clothes in.

Preschool Christmas Party Games can include some wrapping fun, and of coarse, have lots of tape and kids scissors for all those helping hands! Let everyone help to wrap the dress up box.... they will love to help you!

Gather some supplies for a Christmas Dress-Up Box. Here are a few ideas and props for you to include as you develop some Christmas charactors for your preschoolers to dress and pretend - play with!

Add Lights to Your Dance Party!

Express, Dance, Celebrate

 It just makes everyone want to dance and celebrate!

Christmas Lights will be fun to include in your preschool christmas party games, and always lend themselves well to that festive fun touch of atmosphere.

There is nothing more beautiful , than these preschoolers with all their freedom, dancing like nobody is watching!!

Fill the Season with Singing!

sing and dance!

Preschool Christmas Party Games need to include lots of singing!

These young beautiful hearts are bursting with songs, and they love to have lots of fun and sing!

They love to make up songs. They love to sing for you as a performance.

They also love to sing with others....

Piggyback Songs are songs with familiar tunes that have different Christmas Theme words added....Be sure to share your Preschool Christmas Songs with us!......

Let's Make a Memory Together...

Building Traditions, Remember

Let your Preschooler place the star on the Tree Top! 

The Most Special Job!

This is a fun game! Decorate the Tree with lights, then ornaments! Allow your preschool child to sit on the shoulders of the Dad or Grandpa in the group as they place the finishing touch, The Star, on the Christmas Tree...

Fond Memories of my kiddos...

Back in the "olden days", my husband would work late, and my little preschoolers and I would, turn on that Christmas Music, (yes, on the record player), We would have the Christmas Tree lights on and dim all the other lights..... the kids would all get their robes, and drape fabrics over their heads to look like shepherds, some kings crowns for the wiseman, a baby doll for baby Jesus, Mary needed just a little blue draping scarf... just a few props. With the music in the background, they would re-enacting the christmas story set to music.... what fond memories....

Need some more ideas for Christmas Music for Preschoolers?

Top Preschool Christmas Party Movies

Remember...Santa's List Day is December 4!

Santa would love to hear from you! Send him a list of all the things you would love for Christmas!

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some cool preschool christmas games.....

 Printable Wishlist for Santa

All I Want For Christmas...
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Ohhhhh , A Really Cool Holiday Puzzle!

Little hands will enjoy the fine motor challenge of puzzles!

Turn on some christmas music as you have a puzzle party!

Hide and Find Puzzle Game

a group co-operative activity

  • Hide each of the pieces to the puzzle around the game playing area.
  • Turn on a christmas song and as the music is playing, have your preschoolers dance around as they find the puzzle pieces and together assemble the puzzle! Ta-Da! A Group Game!

Have a Preschool Pajama Christmas Party!

  • Have everyone wear their pajamas to your preschool christmas party games, like wearing a costume, and see what excitement fills the room!
  • Be sure to take some group pictures, they will be so cute!
Pajamas for Kids

Here is a Special Gift for Santa!

Leaving Santa a special mug of milk along with some cookies for Christmas Eve can be a special Holiday tradition! Leave him a note too! Thank Santa for all his hard work!

Santa Mug Game

  • Keep this game for special occasions

Through-out the year, reward your children's specific acts of kindness by letting him use the Santa Mug for a day!

Santa Games are so much fun!

One More Game...

Game - What Did Santa Bring You?

Pretend, Fine Motor Skills

What did Santa bring you?

  • Preschoolers will need you help writing out their list, but this will be super fun!

When everybody writes it done..... place the lists in a Christmas bag.

The person wearing the Santa Hat, gets to draw a list out of the bag, and pretend they are Santa!

Speak with your Santa voice!. Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa reads what he brought this person, and then, everybody tries to guess who's list that was....

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