15 Left Right Game Stories

Pass your Presents with Fun......also known as Left Right Games for kids, can add a bunch of excitement and anticipation and bonding to gift giving times...

Our top favorite "Pass the Presents Stories" are included in this page!

  • For Birthdays, Easter, Summertime Fun, Fall
  •  and lots of choices for the Christmas Season....
  • Have lots of wrapped gifts to pass, and at the end of the story, open the gift that you have in your hand!

Just in Time for Valentines Day!

Lefty's In Love


Left Right Passing Games for Every Season

Easter According to Peter...

Easter Christian Games

Spring Game Downloadable / Printables

St Patricks Day

Lefty's Right Leprechaun


Easter Bunny Tail Tale Left-Right - $6.95
from: Python Printable Games

Mothers Day

Mother's Day Poems Left-Right Game - $6.95
from: Python Printable Games

Summer Fun Games

Downloadable / Printable Games for Summer!

Whats Wrong with the Burger?

Camping Games: Left-Right Burger Game

Luau Themed Passing Fun

Luau Left-Right Game

"We are a very right-handed culture. It is easy to use that dominant side for most of our days activities.

 It is fascinating to notice  for adults and kids, how much you "favor"  your dominant side.

TIP:  Become aware of it. Notice your children, and try to encourage them to do activites with both hands equally, even switching right and left....

This will benefit their brain body connections and their learning potential ..." Keep this in mind as they learn and develope their Gross Motor Skills

For Fall Celebrations

Download & Print the Game of your choice!

I Left it Right Here

I LEFT It RIGHT There Harvest Left-Right game


Halloween Games: Left In The Dark Right Left Game - $6.95
from: Python Printable Games

Escape from the Garden

Escape From The Garden Left Right Game

For Teens

Harvest Goddess Left-Right game

Winter Parties

Instead of throwing everyone their gifts to rip open, include one of these creative games.... see what happens... what fun to add to your Winter Party Games!

Anti Christmas Passing Game

Anti-Christmas Left-Right game

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning Left-Right Game

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games Left-Right

Happy New Year to All

New Year's Left-Right Game

Birthdays are the Best

A super fun crazy passing the presents story activity for all at the party to play.

  • A great way to give everyone their own special party gift....
  • (Wrap the gifts in fun, creative and crazy ways!)

Have Fun with this one and more Kids Birthday Party Games here....

Lefty's Forgotten Birthday

Great Left Right Birthday Gift!

 This is suggested for 6 to 8 yrs, but many ages beyond 8 will benefit from this toy.

It will greatly increase the right left body brain connecting "practice" in a super fun way... 

So fun that the therapeutic and developmental benefits will be like the icing on the cake!

HearthSong Pedal-Go Racer with Steel Axled Wheels Active Play Toys, ages 6-8

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