Kids Face Painting

It's time for some kids face painting!

"Hello, I am Mademoiselle, A French Governess and Arteest, and I'm here to add my creative touch"

Want to add "party" to your special event?

Here you go...

Whether it is a birthday, a picnic, a holiday...

Children are intriqued and enjoy creative designs and body art!

Who Can Do This?

Kids Face Painting Tips by Mademoiselle

Hire an Artist

  • "Hire Me, a Professional Children's Entertainer...  I will love to come to your party and design all those faces!"  
  • "You can hire some amazing tatoo, body art and design artists! The  Kids Party Entertainer Directory is designed with you in mind... for Party Entertainers to enroll here, so you can find some great entertainment for your special party.

Learn Some Skills

  • You can learn too! Invest in a few necessary supplies, practice on as many faces as you can ,and start painting for carnivals, picnics and parties! 

"Practicing on moving targets will help to get you prepped!"

  • Everything you need to get you started, can be found on this page... We are here to help you become an arteeeest!!

so here are some ideas to get you rolling!

Getting Started Kits

Face Paint Starter Set
Family Faces Makeup Kit
Deluxe Face and Body Paint Kit
Girls Face Paint Activity
Camouflage Makeup Kit

Gathering Supplies, You'll need:

  • proper brushes - a must for painting on skin
  • body art paints - check out some of the suggested supplies here on this page, to get you started

Also Include .... a water container for brushes, extra paper towel, and a hand mirror, for kids to see their cool painted faces!

Brushes You'll Need

Round Face-Painting Brush (#4)

Round Face-Painting Brush (#4)

Includes one face painting brush.

Glitter Tattoo Brush Set

Glitter Tattoo Brush Set

Includes (1) small brush applicator and (1) large brush sweeper.

"Deluxe 3/4"" Powder Brush"

"Includes one (1) Deluxe 3/4"" Powder Brush."

#10 Filbert Brush

#10 Filbert Brush

Includes one (1) #10 Filbert Brush.

"1"" Flat Brush"

"Includes one (1) 1"" Flat Brush."

Sponge-Tipped Brush

Sponge-Tipped Brush

Includes one (1) Sponge-Tipped Brush.

Face Painting Glitter!

Face Painting Glitter - (White/Opalescent)

Face Painting Glitter - (White/Opalescent)

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Party Stamps : Easy & Fun!

More Easy Tips & Ideas from, Mademoiselle

..A little idea that is fun with just a little bit of creative prep for your party...

Tip: "Want a pre-step to face painting to build your confidence?"

Consider Paint Stamps... They are an easy way to add the festivity of paint to kids faces, and let them experience the fun process of getting painted, but yet, without one stitch of experience required for the face painting artist...

Slather that stamp with paint, gently stamp it on their cheek, and there you have it!  Within a couple minutes it will be dry and you will be on to the next candidate!

TIP:  Make sure you have a water source for rinsing, and proper moisture level.

 Tips for Clown White

Interested in Clowning? Us Too! It is so hard to find info on clowning these days, and so for our first step into sharing about clowning, we would like to talk about clown white make-up and powdering it properly!

Clown White Face Paint

Clown White Face Paint

Includes face paint.


  1. Pat all the white into place on the skin.
  2. With a Q tip, make sure all edges and designs are even and sculpted.

It's Toolio and La-La Clowning around at a Community Church Picnic!

  • Now with some baby powder, in a cloth tied with a sting, (so you have a little powder bag), pat the white til' it is powdered and not sticky at all.
  • Brush away the extra powder, and continue with your make up

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More Tips and Pointers

  • One Cheek Designs - simple, for long lines, drawings you can do in under 2 minutes Examples: flowers, hearts, snake, spiders
  • Embellish a simple cheek design - If you are doing one cheek designs, to get a little more elaborate, ad some swirls and doodles aroung the entire face to pull the look together
  • Whole Face Designs - They usually take around 3 - 5  minutes per face design.... examples: animal faces, lions, cats, dogs, a whole princess face with a crown on the forehead, and lots of sparkes to embellish, a whole face butterfly..

Body Tattoos Too!

  • Want something a little "less" messy than kids face painting or paint stamps?
  • Dont' have the time to learn to face paint this time around?
  • How about body tattoos then?
Get 100 Custom Tattoos for $45 plus Free Shipping

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