Drama Games for Kids

 Drama Games 

Its adventure time with those wonderful expressive children of ours that have all those emotions for a reason!

Teaching resources to use with your students...

We can really help our kids to handle their emotional health and growth with some fun activities!

For Classroom & Home

Theatre Arts ResourceFor mixed age groups when you need something that will work...

Drama Warmer Upper Activities

Gross Motor Skills - fun ways to practice and develop gross motor skills,  promoting physical development creatively!

Improv Games spontaneous acting games and improvisation ideas, and drama strategies

Parachute Games group gathering games with parachuts for kids

Oh Yeah! And we dedicate this clip to all the blossoming Drama Queens out there!

Drama Queen Academy was created especially for you!  There are 3 starter lessons for you to try out while you're there.  Be sure to add a little music to your drama with some Kids Dance Music.  Music and Theatre Games like these always help to "set the stage" for the creative drama in YOU!

More Fun Drama Games for Kids ...

What Does the Fox Say? - Great Song , Fun Animated Moves to Express

Spacial Awareness - using your imagination and movement, experience what it would be like inside of a bubble

Bubble Activities use bubbles as a backdrop for your theater games

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

             - Albert Einstein   

Some Music and Movement Activities  can be so much fun! For every age!


Let the "Acting Games for Kids" Begin!

What's In the Pot?

The Following Cooking Game is a great improv...

  • Whats in the Pot? Everyone stands in a circle and one person enters the circle to see and "act out" what is in the pot.

Each person gets one guess each to determine what type of food/meal/ is in the pot!

Tip: Use LOTS of Expression

Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You.... great games for 9-12 year olds, Everyone gets a handful of m&m's. 

  • with one child, each time they share someting about themselves, they eat an m&m.
  • Go around the circle several times, til' all those m&m's are gone! What a fun icebreaker game!

Icebreaker Games can be such an easy way to connect a group of strangers, or classmates, and get a good flow of smiles and attitudes flowing in a creative direction. More Icebreakers here

Oh No!

Aghhhhhh .... Gasp......Share your most embarrassing story.

  • What has happened in your life that was sooooooooooo horribly funny and you did not expect it to happen?

Perfect Game for a Slumber Party, wouldn't you say?

More Games….

The Expressive Child

Pirate Games

Kids Party Entertainers

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